In order to help support the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, students and families, Goodna State School has established procedures to support students returning to school. Please find attached a letter from our Principal, Mr Nathan Eiby, outlining current Health and Operating Procedures.

Click here for the Health and Operating Procedures letter

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HEROES @ HOME UPDATE - 27/4/2020

Well done to all of our Goodna Heroes @ Home for a brilliant effort with remote learning last week. We have really enjoyed seeing photos of our students learning at home.

To help build further connection, as well as some consistency with our school procedures, we have developed a Heroes @ Home version of our Hero token reinforcement system, for implementation at home if you wish to do so. 

Please CLICK HERE to download the resource and for more information.

Please keep sending any photos through of students being Heroes @ Home to

Goodna State School Team


Updates in Brief #4


We hope our Goodna families have been able to enjoy the Easter vacation and the fantastic weather amidst the current COVID – 19 restrictions. We are writing to confirm the arrangement for our school for Term 2.


Term 2 Arrangements — Weeks 1–5

The Queensland Government has decided that, in order to reinforce social distancing across the community and slow the spread of COVID-19, students will move to a home-based learning model from 20 April 2020 until at least 22 May 2020 (Weeks 1 to 5 of Term 2). A decision about the remainder of Term 2 will be made by mid-May. During this period, all students who are able to be supervised at home and learn from home are to stay home.

As was the case for the student-free days prior to school break, there will be exceptions for some students who will continue to be able to attend school: those whose parents or carers work in essential roles and must attend their workplace and cannot access alternative care, students identified as vulnerable, and students in designated Indigenous communities.

The Goodna Headstart Kindy program will also follow these guidelines: A face-to-face program only for families that meet the above criteria, a home-based program will be provided to all other families.

Regardless of children being at school or accessing home-based programs, they will focus on similar learning content and concepts each week. A reminder that while students are involved in this remote learning situation, no formal assessment pieces are expected to be completed by students. Teachers will not formally mark any work (school or home-based), but they will be available to provide feedback and encouragement to students.


Children at School – Weeks 1–5

Children at school will be supervised as follows during this time:

  • Groups of 10-15 children per class; multi-age (if required) – class groupings may change each day
  • Supervised by a teacher and teacher-aide
  • Children will be expected to assemble each morning at 8.30am as follows:
    • Prep and Year 1 – M Block
    • Year 2 and 3 – Infants Shed
    • Year 4 to 6 – Year 4 to 6 Shed
  • Children will access the current play break arrangements, and access specialist lessons throughout the week.

School buses are expected to provide normal services transporting children to and from school. Tuckshop will be open Tuesday to Friday as normal. The OSHC program will be available at the Community Hub in Stuart Street for before/after school care arrangements.

No KindyLinQ program will run during this time.


Children at Home – Weeks 1–5

The school has available a range of on-line learning platforms to provide students access to differentiated work. Students learning at home are encouraged to access the following options.

Many of these platforms are self-paced and highly engaging options. They help children practice and reinforce a variety of learning concepts. If children require any username and log-in details please contact the school as a priority. All students also have access to a range of learning material at Queensland Government .

Teachers will continue to update on-line learning material on a week-to-week basis. More information about the on-line learning program option is provided in the Learning from Home Guide included with today's update. This guide is the same as the one sent in Term 1.

School Technology Devices

Consistent with the Queensland Government's commitment, those families wishing to use the on-line learning options at home can contact the school to request access to a school technology device for this time period.  

The school currently has a limited number of iPads available to be borrowed. These devices would require your household to have existing internet connection i.e. the iPads will not have cellular connection. Due to the size of the school and the number of devices available we would need to limit any requests to one device per family.

Any family wanting to use this option should email the school at . From Monday (next week) we will start to contact families that have expressed an interest in this option, and process these loan requests. Please note that accessing these devices would be free of charge, however a Borrowing Agreement form would need to be completed.

Drive-thru Learning

We handed out over 600 Learning Booklets via the "Drive-thru Learning" option in Week 10 last term. The school will continue to provide this paper-based learning option to the school community.

This learning material can be collected from the school "Kiss and Drop" facility next to the hall each week on a Thursday and Friday from 8.30am to 9.30am, and 1.30pm to 2.30pm.  

Keeping in Contact

Attached to today's update is the class teachers' work email addresses. Parents are encouraged to use this information to support the ongoing home-based learning programs we will have provided (either paper or on-line). Teachers will be checking their emails each day (Monday to Friday). They will respond to any queries you may have via email.

Parents are still encouraged to contact the school to update telephone and email contact details.

                          Phone: 3437 9333



Preparing for Home Learning

We acknowledge this is a challenging time for families as you prepare to help children learn from home. Please know that we are here to support you and your children. With our preparation and guidance and your support, we are confident that students will continue to learn and grow in Term 2.

To support parents and carers, some tips have been put together to make the transition easier:

  • Treat the first week as a 'starting school' or orientation type of week. Not everything will go to plan, and it might take a while to work out how to find and use the right resources and understand what's best for you and your child. The 'how to' will come first, and then the learning.
  • Remember that your child's teacher usually divides their attention between up to 28 students who all work at different paces and need different levels of support. At home, two to three hours of learning each day will usually be plenty. Try using a range of other activities to keep children engaged and stimulated without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Routines and consistency can be a source of comfort for parents and children alike, but keep in mind that your routine doesn't have to be the same as a school routine. If you use a timetable at home, make sure it's manageable for everyone and flexible enough that you can adapt it as you learn what works.
  • This situation presents an opportunity for students to find out more about themselves as learners and to become more confident in self-directing their learning. Encourage your child to take responsibility for not only learning but also for staying in touch with their teacher, their class and their friends and community.
  • If your child is finding a task difficult, make suggestions and answer questions, but try to let them figure things out for themselves as much as possible. Give them opportunities, where appropriate, to take control of their own learning.
  • Remember this is new for us, too. You can help us succeed by letting us know if you're unsure about something and using the preferred contact time and method that your teacher will advise you of.


Heroes @ Home

During these times we need to remain positive and connected as a community.

Over the next 5 weeks, and with parents' permission, send in photos of our Goodna Heroes learning from home, and we will celebrate their great efforts on the school Facebook page and in the school newsletter.

Send your Hero photos to .


Thank you

Thank you for the support you are providing both your child and the school during these difficult times. You would have seen that all over Australia and the world, schooling systems are experiencing the same challenges with many countries also moving to home-based learning in response to COVID-19.

Our dedicated teachers and support staff continue to be here to teach and support your child (albeit under different circumstances). Together we will be learning and doing all we can to support you in this new mode of home-based learning.

We assure you we will continue to maintain contact with you over the next few weeks to provide learning for your child and together we will support each other and see all of our students continue to grow.  


Goodna State School Team


Click here for the 'Learning at Home Guide'

Click here for the 'Term 2 Teacher Contact List'


Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020